Wallet Capo


The light, slim, easy to use, portable capo that fits right in your wallet!

Guitarists will jam just about everywhere we go. If you're like us, you're constantly on the go. We don't always bring our own guitars along for the ride, but sometimes a guitar just happens to find its way to you. It's easy to carry a pick with you where ever you go. It's a simple relic that's easy to fit behind your phone case, in that tiny jean pocket which is otherwise useless, or comfortably wedged in the credit card slot of your wallet. But a pick isn't the only tool a guitarist needs, of course. How many times have you lost your capo? Surely even when you bring your own guitar along for an adventure, the capo isn't exactly first on the checklist. We both know, that once you start playing, you're gonna wish you had one.

That's why we invented the Wallet Capo:

  •  Slim - A flat compact capo that fits right in your wallet.
  •  Durable - Custom design, laser cut from flexible Delrin.
  •  Tone Enhancing - Tubing that protects the strings and frets on contact points during use, making for a cleaner sound.

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